Australian birds and Swedish cats

Hello chum! I gots to be honest and say I haven’t had a pet in some years. In Australia, we always had birds as family pets (specifically, parrots such as budgerigars and cockatiels). Sadly, the last birdy we had, my little baby Yuki, died just over 3 years ago. He was a funny little poppet, very excitable and curious, and he learned to whistle a little ditty we taught him as well as say “Yuki goo bo-boy” (we said “Yuki good boy” to him and that was his version).


Yes he was a good little poppet with rosy cheeks Source: Moshi

His favourite things were cooked corn and sunflower seeds. You’re not actually meant to give them too many sunflower seeds apparently, because it’s like the cockatiel equivalent of ice cream to kids (very fat and a sometimes food!!) I used to feed him one corn kernel or sunflower seed at a time and he would eat it, holding it with his foot and it basically does look like a kid holding an ice cream cone.

eating popcorn

Eating with foots … Never did try feeding popcorn to my birds … funny! Source

Pro tip for keeping parrots: DON’T keep your budgies and cockatiels in the same cage! They should not be drinking from the same water dish because budgies are immune to and carry some disease that cockatiels are susceptible to. So poor Yuki got very sick one time because for a time we kept him in the same cage as Bluey the cranky budgie (Bluey was the first budgie we ever had … hence the super imaginative name … please remember we were less than 10 years old when we named him … maybe that’s why he was so cranky). And taking a birdy to the vet is both expensive and stressful to the little birdy!

blue budgie

Bluey looked a bit like this and approximately as cranky Source

Now in Sweden I haven’t got a pet so it’s a treat when we go to Mr Moshi’s parents’ house to cuddle the family cat, Bagheera (named after the panther from the Jungle Book – I’ve never seen the Jungle Book so didn’t get the reference). I’ve always wanted a cat or a dog for a pet but was never allowed since my boring dad thinks of animals as dirty and belonging outdoors, not in the house (which was why birds were OK, I guess).


Bagheera isn’t dirty he’s just covered in cat spit Source: Moshi

just cat spit

Like so Source

Bagheera’s favourite things are to lick sauce off our plates after we have a meal and to come meowing at arse o’clock in the morning to be let into the house.


And also to kill things in the summertime Source: Moshi

That’s all on pets! I could do with a cuddly pussycat in this long and grey November!

Written by Moshi


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