Wedding Fever One Year On

To celebrate the fact that it’s coming up to our 1 year wedding anniversary (well done Mr Moshi, they say the 1st year’s the hardest ..?) I shall be putting up wedding-related piccies this month. Any excuse to look at wedding-related pretties 😀

lil birds

Most of the piccies are probably from Southern Weddings, saved as wedding inspiration since I am of the Stone Age and did not have a pinterest (even though I could have). Photos from my actualfact wedding are from my brother Dr Yam.

Here’s the wedding cake topper from our wedding, given to me from the lovely and cheeky ChivChiv. K.O. KNOCKOUT!


Photo shoot inspiration for our rings. These aren’t our rings … I ain’t got no diamonds.

My wedding bouquet and shoes 🙂

take a seat idea

I searched for so much inspiration for the seating chart. Did not go with this one in the end because effort plus. But it’s beautiful~~

alma back

I would have loved this dress, omg. It’s by Claire Pettibone I’m pretty sure, all her dresses just make me die. So beautiful!

The weekend is too short! Hope you’ve all had a good one! 😀

Written by Moshi


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