When in Sweden…

…do as the Swedish do! Hello duckies! More wedding stuff! Don’t complain, it’s good for ya.

just married

Under the cut are stuff from my wedding with a bonus fun fact about Swedish weddings. As always, images are either mine or if uncredited, probably saved from Southern Weddings.

program snippet

Here’s a snippet from our wedding program wot I did myself with InDesign. It took a lot of designing and re-designing – so much so that I can look back now and see I saved all the variations. The latest one was version 18. Ergo, the great secret of design: it will not be good until the 18th time you’ve faffed about with it 😛

And now –

The thing with Swedish weddings is…

walking in

…the bride and groom walk in together! Here’s me and Mr Moshi walking in.

It’s because Sweden’s all about the equality and they don’t want to endorse the implications of the girl being given away by the father. I always thought if I had to be given away at least I can be given away by both my parents cos if anyone ‘owns’ me surely my mum ought to be in on it too 😛 But anyhow, each to his own. I loved walking in with Mr Moshi 🙂

A bit sadly for me (but happily for dad), at our celebration in Taiwan 6 months after our real Swedish wedding, dad got to give me away because the whole celebration was basically a big-ass Taiwanese wedding.

But that is a spiel for another day 😛

Written by Moshi


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