How do you know?

Happy Friday everyone!

I read this article today over at Cup of Jo about how people knew that they had found The One. It’s so interesting!


Everybody wants to know their true love is true Source

For me, when I met Mr Moshi, we were living together in a Swedish student ‘corridor’ (which is just like, dorms, for the Americans, or student housing, for the Australians/other normal people 😛 ) We first became friends, then we got together, so as we were together we were also living together.


Does anyone else get the reference TOGETHAHHH but not like that? Source

It was so nice to come home to each other. Usually whoever was home first would make dinner.

I’ll always remember hauling my ass home one night after a long day in the studio at the A huset in Lund University, and finding that Mr Moshi had prepared a tuna and rice salad, with kidney beans and eggs and corn etc.

Doesn’t sound very fancy to be sure but it was extremely delicious and that was the kind of thing that made KNOW Mr Moshi was The One: I distinctly had the thought I don’t want to live in a world in which I don’t come home to him/he doesn’t come home to me.

That’s how I knew! How did you know? 😀 Or if you haven’t yet found The One, do you believe you will, and how will you know?



Happy Fridyah and have a fabulous weekend! 🙂

Written by Moshi


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