It’s been a long time, chickies! Now hark, for I have news.



May I point your good selves to The Bad Mum, where I will be co-posting from now on with the lovely and extremely pregnant Emma. You may or may not remember her as the cat-mother of Freddy. Soon she’ll be a person-mother! Exciting stuff!

I know I am not a mum, shush. And I’m not pregnant so you can be even more confused as to why I am co-blogging on such a topic, but whatever. I feel clucky?



It’s likely I won’t post as often here at Fika Talk -wipes tear- but never say never? If inspiration strikes for non-motherhood/baby related stuff, I will post here!


Exactly like this Source

In the meantime I hope you pop over to The Bad Mum to have a look-see. We’ve only just gotten started so check back often 😀

Hugs to all!

Written by Moshi


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