Welcome to Fika Talk! Grab yourself some fika and settle in – here you’ll find the collective chatterings of three friendly aliens living in Sweden.


flag - spainElecox hails from Spain but has travelled nearly the entire world! Stay tuned for her adventures in South Korea, France, Russia, Argentina, Great Britain and more … though she takes no responsibility if you get bitten by the travel bug!


flag - latviaChivChiv comes from Latvia and has now lived in Sweden for almost 2 years. If she’s not busy reading like a fiend she’s happy to talk to you about anything and everything! Her name ‘ChivChiv’ is therefore very fitting … it’s ‘tweet tweet’ in Latvian!


flag - ausflag - taiwanMoshi is mostly Aussie but more Taiwanese than she thinks! She knits like a boss in Sweden because there’s nothing else to do in the winter and is constantly reassuring her family and friends back home that she hasn’t frozen to death in the snow.


flag - sweWe hope you’ll stay a while and join our musings on life and friendships in a brand new country!


Got a topic you’d like us to tackle? Drop us a line at fikatalk at gmail dot com!


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