It’s been a long time, chickies! Now hark, for I have news.



May I point your good selves to The Bad Mum, where I will be co-posting from now on with the lovely and extremely pregnant Emma. You may or may not remember her as the cat-mother of Freddy. Soon she’ll be a person-mother! Exciting stuff!

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When I saw the future

Surely I can’t be the only one disturbed by the way technology is going?

I’m so disturbed that last November for Swedish class, I did a presentation about social media/technology in the future. It’s why I don’t want a smartphone and why I’m so technology resistant. Can I devolve into a monkeh?


As always, the original text in Swedish is at the end. And as always: SVA students, don’t plagiarise!

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How do you know?

Happy Friday everyone!

I read this article today over at Cup of Jo about how people knew that they had found The One. It’s so interesting!


Everybody wants to know their true love is true Source

For me, when I met Mr Moshi, we were living together in a Swedish student ‘corridor’ (which is just like, dorms, for the Americans, or student housing, for the Australians/other normal people 😛 ) We first became friends, then we got together, so as we were together we were also living together.


Does anyone else get the reference TOGETHAHHH but not like that? Source

It was so nice to come home to each other. Usually whoever was home first would make dinner.

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Wedding Fever One Year On

To celebrate the fact that it’s coming up to our 1 year wedding anniversary (well done Mr Moshi, they say the 1st year’s the hardest ..?) I shall be putting up wedding-related piccies this month. Any excuse to look at wedding-related pretties 😀

lil birds

Most of the piccies are probably from Southern Weddings, saved as wedding inspiration since I am of the Stone Age and did not have a pinterest (even though I could have). Photos from my actualfact wedding are from my brother Dr Yam.

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