It’s all about..



It’s all about that … la, la, la .. this time it’s all about Easter! Happy ‘’eggs winning the world’’ time to all you – Easter lovers! 😉

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Digging deeper

That was quite a break.. pufffff- should we blame upcoming spring?! 😀 Hi, and nice to see you again.. Some small chit-chats from me- tonight..

Spending my nights.. I know that You out there are hearing and getting me, so I am not that shy to share with You – about me, being a creep! 😀 These dark Swedish February nights just ask for IT- they ask for exploring, they ask for that ‘’wow’’ or ‘’ooo” moment in my life but not searching out there- in sweaty, loud, crazy parties, but rather being pierced in a book or some smart people talking..

Tonight They (check videos bellow) get my attention and They are going to keep me in the deepest chambers of their mind for quite a while! 🙂 Take a look!

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Entertained by internet

Weekend is here- did I blink at least once? Time is everyday’s food- is there any relation with getting older?! 😀

Hei, in this weekend- I really want to have it as easy and warm as possible, so I felt that my post need to match my mood! 😀 He, he – easiest way how to buy out myself of laziness chains! 😀



And today it’s all about internet- I am going to introduce You with my favorite/most visited Swedish (girly-today) web-sites.

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Confusing messages

You probably know how it is when something hits you (physically or mentally) and you just can’t keep silent! It can be a car ( 😀 ) or other persons false lies, both make your senses grow- and words just want to pop out like popcorn in 232 °C hot oil! So it happened with me – this morning after watching Swedish morning news…

I will start with good things to make this post a bit more positive! 😀 I truly adore the world’s and especially Swedish women’s strength to fight for their rights- Feminism, you know!



And I would always raise my hands for women’s rights. I will always be against misogyny or patriarchy, because I need to be honest- I know how it feels to be evaluated only by my looks and being hushed up because… I am a woman, but… I am standing for genuine history- and after all we get here- my today’s post – Confusing messages!

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Back on track

I truly hope that all of you have had an amazing holiday, because I did! 😀 And you know that truth about happiness- it’s becoming bigger when divided.. Time just passed so unfairly fast.. like, like some kind of space vehicle or long expected kiss from admired person.. And only now- a few days after returning to Sweden (after 20hr boat trip + waves + weird feeling..) from Latvia- I get blues.. you know not the heavy, depressing ones, but those dreamy, sad ones..

It’s just so overwhelming to check all my holiday photos- we look so happy, so- together.. family, long unseen friends, amazing foods- feels as an amazing party but I need to go home before it’s finished. I believe/hope you understand what I say?

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Gift madness

It’s officially a week till Christmas- a small 1 minute long hold.. 😀

So- gift madness! Ahhh, I am soooooo sure you know what I am talking about- so introduction about crowds duck-out is not needed! 😀 We all know how painful it can be to see your desired Christmas present idea taken by somebody else or just the fact that lunch becomes “late dinner” all because of… o, I said it- crowds! 😀



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THE time of the year

It’s literally a moment before Christmas and I am like-



Yeah, verrry thrilled if you like to think so! 😀 Reason? It’s nearly going-home time, if I need to be honest, but it’s Christmas’s “fault”! So without Christmas I wouldn’t be so thrilled and at the end we come back to the beginning of my tittle-tattle – Christmas! 😀 So in less than 2 weeks I am going to be in Latvia chitchatting with my family, eating my favorite food in whole world and just be – Home! And this is the first time in my life when I will be able to sing along with Michael Buble and really mean the following lyrics:

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