Home is where…

We moved a couple of weeks ago, renting a nice and sunny little apartment. Now ironically we’re house-sitting for some friends who are off holidaying so we’re living in the lap of luxury in a proper house. And my friend’s an interior designer so the house is effing beautiful. La la la!


It’s splendid, more splendid than¬†this, and cat included. Cat-sitting makes me so happy Source

Photos of Fred the cat to follow soon. In the meantime, some photos of the apartment we’re ~meant to be living in.

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Wedding season’s greetings (in the Northern Hemisphere)

Since we’re missing the joyous summertime of the Northern Hemisphere and also therefore missing wedding season I thought I’d put up a bunch of my wedding inspiration images I collected from the past couple years for our wedding last year. I’m pretty sure they’re mostly found from Southern Weddings, which I still love even after getting married ūüėõ

table number

Table number inspiration. I did our like this (except with swans) but I was¬†cheap stupid and did not print on heavy enough paper, so the paper got tired and did not stand up properly to my bridezilla horror. So Pro Tip: print on at least 200gsm paper if you’re doin’ it urself.

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How to be hairy

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111eleventy

In case anyone was intrigued by my wedding hair featured in my previous post, we did it off a hair tutorial and it was splendid and worked after a few practise runs (although it would have worked better if my hair had been longer).

Wedding hair is wedding Source: Moshi

The tutorial under the cut …

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Alas Australia

I know that Eurovision is now ~so last week but I have to simultaneously gush about how proud of Guy Sebastian I am for coming 5th and also shake my fist about how DEVASTATED I am that we didn’t win and therefore get to host next year’s. And don’t get me started on Sweden for winning. WHATEVER.


Noooooooooooooooo Source

Here is Guy Sebastian’s performance for those of you who missed it. I really think the whole thing was just not EUROVISION enough. I mean the glitz and glamour and over-the-top-ness of it all. THAT’S WHY YOU DIDN’T WIN, GUY. WHY YOU NOT HAS GLITTER PANTS OR DISCO BALL OR SOMETHING.

In other news, we’ve been super busy lately because¬†…

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