Gift madness

It’s officially a week till Christmas- a small 1 minute long hold.. 😀

So- gift madness! Ahhh, I am soooooo sure you know what I am talking about- so introduction about crowds duck-out is not needed! 😀 We all know how painful it can be to see your desired Christmas present idea taken by somebody else or just the fact that lunch becomes “late dinner” all because of… o, I said it- crowds! 😀



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Christmas is coming …

Hello poppets! I’ve been le busy lately trying to get everything done before Christmas. As ChivChiv said it’s nearly going-home time – exciting!! Mr Moshi and I are off to Taiwan in a couple weeks and then Australia after that. It will be the first time all my relatives in Taiwan get to meet Mr Moshi for real and ooh and ahh over how tall and Swedish and beardy he is.

One of my aunts in Taiwan has requested for a painting of a field of flowers to replace a fugly line drawing of a nude woman in her apartment so that is what I have been attempting … It’s coming along but isn’t done yet, so please don’t tell me it’s ugly *__* … I just hope I can get it done by Christmas

You can see it is not stretched properly on any kind of wooden frame because of the weird dimension my aunty’s existing picture frame is. So I bought a piece of fabric and secured it as well as I can … believe me it caused a lot of headaching. I hope the finished result will not suck otherwise it’s allllllll for nothinggggggggggg. Blurry photos under the cut 😛

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THE time of the year

It’s literally a moment before Christmas and I am like-



Yeah, verrry thrilled if you like to think so! 😀 Reason? It’s nearly going-home time, if I need to be honest, but it’s Christmas’s “fault”! So without Christmas I wouldn’t be so thrilled and at the end we come back to the beginning of my tittle-tattle – Christmas! 😀 So in less than 2 weeks I am going to be in Latvia chitchatting with my family, eating my favorite food in whole world and just be – Home! And this is the first time in my life when I will be able to sing along with Michael Buble and really mean the following lyrics:

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Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

…except not! Where’s my snow??

‘Tis the season to be jolly but I’m not really feeling it today cos all we have is rain and wind here on Gotland. And I’ve got a bit of a cold from getting too cold the other day. So I share with ye fine peeps some merry pictures of what’s the haps lately.

Here’s me a few weeks ago holding the GIGANTIC CAT that belongs ChivChiv’s fella’s mum. He’s a giant! But he’s so soft :3


And he weighs a lot

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