If I was a rich girl

Here’s some inspiration in preparation for our IKEA trip tomorrow. IKEA, this is free advertising for you. Wanna pay me???


Two by two … Source

I wish I had lots of spare money to spend on lovely things … although I’m sure we can afford the shower curtain.

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Wedding hairspray and beyond

Does anyone else love the movie Hairspray? I love it. I’ve listened to the soundtrack a million times (I bought the CD back in the stone age when most people still went out and bought music from a human in what is known as a ‘shop’).



John Travolta as a clucky momma? 😉

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Digging deeper

That was quite a break.. pufffff- should we blame upcoming spring?! 😀 Hi, and nice to see you again.. Some small chit-chats from me- tonight..

Spending my nights.. I know that You out there are hearing and getting me, so I am not that shy to share with You – about me, being a creep! 😀 These dark Swedish February nights just ask for IT- they ask for exploring, they ask for that ‘’wow’’ or ‘’ooo” moment in my life but not searching out there- in sweaty, loud, crazy parties, but rather being pierced in a book or some smart people talking..

Tonight They (check videos bellow) get my attention and They are going to keep me in the deepest chambers of their mind for quite a while! 🙂 Take a look!

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Entertained by internet

Weekend is here- did I blink at least once? Time is everyday’s food- is there any relation with getting older?! 😀

Hei, in this weekend- I really want to have it as easy and warm as possible, so I felt that my post need to match my mood! 😀 He, he – easiest way how to buy out myself of laziness chains! 😀



And today it’s all about internet- I am going to introduce You with my favorite/most visited Swedish (girly-today) web-sites.

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Catch my disease …

Catch it! (Did anyone else think that song was weird? Catch My Disease by Ben Lee – so cheerful, but slightly gross?)

Anyway, I speak of diseases because ChivChiv and I have been sick as dogs this week thanks to a lovely virus that seems to be going around. So until we are better and have functioning brains again I leave y’all with some fun stuffs.

This is rather old but anyone who missed it has to see it: Sex Advice From My Grandmother. It is HILARIOUS (and very wise, my duckies).

This is a loverly backpack

10 things creative peeps should remember! (But often forget)

A fancy hair tutorial I successfully followed in my longer-haired days …

Things you need to stay happy – a very astute post, yes sir.

All right frands … stay healthy and don’t lick anything dirty

Written by Moshi

Home Camp and the greatest waterbottle ever

Home Camp is the brain child of a French friend of a French friend of mine, which is for both travellers and locals. The locals can register their back or front yards to be bookable by travellers who are happy as Larry to travel on the cheap and camp out for their form of accommodation. Sounds awesome!

And this is such a fabulous waterbottle (found via the excellent yes and yes). We wants it!!

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend!

Written by Moshi