When in Sweden…

…do as the Swedish do! Hello duckies! More wedding stuff! Don’t complain, it’s good for ya.

just married

Under the cut are stuff from my wedding with a bonus fun fact about Swedish weddings. As always, images are either mine or if uncredited, probably saved from Southern Weddings.

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Reverse culture shock

We’ve been back in Australia for a week now and I’m kind of exhausted from all the errands we’ve run. Partly because of the errands themselves (shopping, banking, transferring Mr Moshi’s Swedish driver licence to an Australian one, etc) but also because of how chatty Australians are.

Has this always been the case? Or is it even more striking after my ~1.5 years living in Sweden?

anti social


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Potty mouth galore

Lately I’ve been watching Trinny and Susannah: Mission Norway – pretty much on a daily basis this week during Sportlov. It’s awesome. They’re two ladies who go around helping women who are dressed really blah and they talk about the stuff they’re going through in life that’s put fashion and looking good/feeling good on hold. They’ve met a whole host of women who have been through really challenging times (double mastectomies due to breast cancer, second pregnancy after first pregnancy ended in a stillbirth, divorce, childhood/teenage bullying, being a busy mum…) the list goes on.

Anyway watching TV in Sweden irks me more and more because of the complete lack of censorship. Trinny and Susannah is a show in English obviously, but it’s playing in the middle of the day, and they swear rather a lot (“what the fuck is that you’re wearing?” “I fucking hate it”) and it’s just playing loud and clear. I don’t know about you but if I was a Swedish mum I wouldn’t want my kid swearing in any god damned language thank you.

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Cosy or Not

I was watching this talk show when I was in Taiwan and some Swedish guy named Martin was one of the guests (this often happens in Taiwan with foreigners who learn to speak Chinese well enough – they get asked onto talk shows and discuss culture shock etc).

This Martin guy told the story of what happened between him and his (ex?) Taiwanese girlfriend on their 1 year anniversary, which I just think captures completely the classic differences between Swedish and Taiwanese culture… 😛



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Confusing messages

You probably know how it is when something hits you (physically or mentally) and you just can’t keep silent! It can be a car ( 😀 ) or other persons false lies, both make your senses grow- and words just want to pop out like popcorn in 232 °C hot oil! So it happened with me – this morning after watching Swedish morning news…

I will start with good things to make this post a bit more positive! 😀 I truly adore the world’s and especially Swedish women’s strength to fight for their rights- Feminism, you know!



And I would always raise my hands for women’s rights. I will always be against misogyny or patriarchy, because I need to be honest- I know how it feels to be evaluated only by my looks and being hushed up because… I am a woman, but… I am standing for genuine history- and after all we get here- my today’s post – Confusing messages!

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Ooo, how happy my lazy heart became after reading Moshi’s last post – because of us being in the same situation and having a chance to laugh about the same “giant” problem (engagement rings being simple!!!! 😀 etc, etc.. :D) but mostly because of her making my work so much easier! 🙂 You know guys what I am talking about?! 😀

Being in an age- middle twenties it’s a kinda “it goes without saying” fact that everybody around me gets serious! Serious with their career, way of looking to life and joining unions – but not just like “Western Union” type unions but more like family building unions. 😀



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