The #1 thing I’ll miss about Sweden

Happy April fools day! Did anyone get their lolz on? I’m crap at April fools so this post ain’t got no tomfoolery in it.

No, instead I mean to tell you about the number one thing I’m going to miss about Sweden. ‘Miss’ isn’t really the right word, because really I will miss the people – family and friends, of course.

cannot keep calm

Can’t I take everyone I like with me to Australia? 😦 Source

Maybe ‘worried about missing out’ is the more correct sentiment … can you guess what it is?

Here’s a clue

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Greetings from Taiwan!

What’s happening peeps?? ChivChiv I miss you! I just read your last post and it’s so sweet! Your brother sounds like a sweetie. My brother would never get a headache over me from love – only from me annoying him so much 😛

I’m writing from Taiwan at the mo and it’s been such a rollercoaster ride and not to mention a long ass car ride (we’re at Sun Moon Lake tonight) so I haven’t got a clue where to start. I’m having such a good time seeing my family and relatives who I haven’t seen for ages. Some I last saw 6 months ago, some nearly 2 years ago, some more than 5 years ago!! So nice.

Been having a jolly good time eating a lot of food but the most ‘boring’ thing I’ve been enjoying is eating … RICE. Rice in Sweden is a sad and sorry thing. They have this thing called matris which means ‘food rice’ … which is like, what, as opposed to rice that is not edible? It is awful like little bullet-y rice capsules, awful awful awful. Eating the rice in Taiwan would bring tears to my eyes if I was a more melodramatic person.

food rice


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Back on track

I truly hope that all of you have had an amazing holiday, because I did! 😀 And you know that truth about happiness- it’s becoming bigger when divided.. Time just passed so unfairly fast.. like, like some kind of space vehicle or long expected kiss from admired person.. And only now- a few days after returning to Sweden (after 20hr boat trip + waves + weird feeling..) from Latvia- I get blues.. you know not the heavy, depressing ones, but those dreamy, sad ones..

It’s just so overwhelming to check all my holiday photos- we look so happy, so- together.. family, long unseen friends, amazing foods- feels as an amazing party but I need to go home before it’s finished. I believe/hope you understand what I say?

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An Asian concept

This is a totally random and spur of the moment post about a concept that seems to only exist in Asia: the idea of 孝順 (xiào shùn). It means to care for your parents, often through acts of service, because as their child you owe them so much.

Put 孝順 into Google Translate and it will tell you “filial piety” – that’s how weird/obscure a concept it is in English. Filial means something to do with being a son or daughter. And piety is really a religious word. But anyway, 孝順 to me means that you have a duty as a child to care for and respect your parents.

I found this in an image search and I never realised it before and it’s just the saddest thing ever to me … It’s very touching, but also very very saddening.



It says “the child to carry the old is 孝順” — it’s in the very word itself – 孝

Because ‘old’ in Chinese is 老

And ‘child’ is 子

And 孝 is this exact thing with the child written underneath the top half of ‘old’, carrying it.

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