Wedding season’s greetings (in the Northern Hemisphere)

Since we’re missing the joyous summertime of the Northern Hemisphere and also therefore missing wedding season I thought I’d put up a bunch of my wedding inspiration images I collected from the past couple years for our wedding last year. I’m pretty sure they’re mostly found from Southern Weddings, which I still love even after getting married 😛

table number

Table number inspiration. I did our like this (except with swans) but I was cheap stupid and did not print on heavy enough paper, so the paper got tired and did not stand up properly to my bridezilla horror. So Pro Tip: print on at least 200gsm paper if you’re doin’ it urself.

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How to be hairy

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111eleventy

In case anyone was intrigued by my wedding hair featured in my previous post, we did it off a hair tutorial and it was splendid and worked after a few practise runs (although it would have worked better if my hair had been longer).

Wedding hair is wedding Source: Moshi

The tutorial under the cut …

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Entertained by internet

Weekend is here- did I blink at least once? Time is everyday’s food- is there any relation with getting older?! 😀

Hei, in this weekend- I really want to have it as easy and warm as possible, so I felt that my post need to match my mood! 😀 He, he – easiest way how to buy out myself of laziness chains! 😀



And today it’s all about internet- I am going to introduce You with my favorite/most visited Swedish (girly-today) web-sites.

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It’s time for party

Hei, Ho all party lovers and haters – this topic was my choice this week (oops, I am not sure if we have been telling you guys- that every single week we are letting out a new topic, anyway- now you know for certain- aaaand if you have some cool topic ideas/wishes in your mind let us know, we may chitchat about that!? 😉 ).

Yeah, where I was.. partying in Sweden- and you know how ironic life and situations can be- right now I am sitting in my sofas warm lap and can’t get words out! I guess this topic requires ‘’Party state of mind’’- but right now all I have is ‘’Morning’s sleepiness’’.

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