Fat Fear

So Pitch Perfect 2 was GREAT and funny and YAY MUSIC and moar epic than the last. A++ would watch again! Awesome music! Muse!!! Mika! Does that count as spoilers? Sorry.



But that said, something in particular from the movie has stayed with me and is bugging me …

Spoilers under the cut!

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Marriage and other old-fashioned things

I just read this article on xojane in which the article’s author, Kristin, did The Rules for three months to see how it would affect her dating life. In a nutshell, she was not into it.

As a pro-Rules girl, I read all her reasons for why The Rules are old-fashioned and made her feel less self-respect for herself (instead of more, as The Rules promise), and I believe her negative take on it comes from the common misconceptions that most anti-Rules girls get from the 90s dating book. Or put more bluntly, I feel like she read it wrong and was therefore Doin’ It Wrong (sorry).



I fully acknowledge and agree with the intrinsically dodgy things that The Rules promotes that Kristin mentioned in her article, like ‘if you have a bad nose, simply get a nose job’ and the damage that referring to women as a ‘product’ does to us. That is a humongous can of worms in itself and can be saved for another post another day.

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Comfortably naked

Last weekend we were in Stockholm and to celebrate Mr Moshi & I being together for 3 years, for one of the nights we stayed at Yasuragi, a Japanese spa.

Japanese spa - pool


It was very nice but I have to say, I was imagining the blissful serenity of the image above … but in reality it was quite crowded and noisy, which I thought was weird since we stayed Sunday night to Monday and I was like … Has everyone called in sick to work for Monday??? 😛

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Confusing messages

You probably know how it is when something hits you (physically or mentally) and you just can’t keep silent! It can be a car ( 😀 ) or other persons false lies, both make your senses grow- and words just want to pop out like popcorn in 232 °C hot oil! So it happened with me – this morning after watching Swedish morning news…

I will start with good things to make this post a bit more positive! 😀 I truly adore the world’s and especially Swedish women’s strength to fight for their rights- Feminism, you know!



And I would always raise my hands for women’s rights. I will always be against misogyny or patriarchy, because I need to be honest- I know how it feels to be evaluated only by my looks and being hushed up because… I am a woman, but… I am standing for genuine history- and after all we get here- my today’s post – Confusing messages!

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