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It’s all about that … la, la, la .. this time it’s all about Easter! Happy ‘’eggs winning the world’’ time to all you – Easter lovers! 😉

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How to cook a whole fish

Happy Monday and for the Swedes, welcome to Sportlov! It’s like a week off school for you to go and do sports, i.e. winter sports, i.e. ski. This is a bizarro concept to me so I am not skiing.

Instead I will teach you how to cook a whole fish, if anyone read my previous post about Chinese New Year and was sitting around at home, ponderously stroking your beard, wondering how to cook a whole fish so you could eat it too.



Well for starters the idea of having to pan fry a whole fish is awful to me. I fail every time and it’s burnt on the outside and the flesh isn’t cooked on the inside, or the fish skin sticks to the pan and looks ratty tatty. It brings shame to Momma Moshi who is a boss when it comes to pan frying fish to golden crispy perfection.

So for Chinese New Year I consulted Father Moshi via Skype and as per his directions put my fush in the oven… It worked a complete treat and was reaaaaally good…

Moshi’s Oven-Baked Whole Fish for Chinese New Year

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Greetings from Taiwan!

What’s happening peeps?? ChivChiv I miss you! I just read your last post and it’s so sweet! Your brother sounds like a sweetie. My brother would never get a headache over me from love – only from me annoying him so much 😛

I’m writing from Taiwan at the mo and it’s been such a rollercoaster ride and not to mention a long ass car ride (we’re at Sun Moon Lake tonight) so I haven’t got a clue where to start. I’m having such a good time seeing my family and relatives who I haven’t seen for ages. Some I last saw 6 months ago, some nearly 2 years ago, some more than 5 years ago!! So nice.

Been having a jolly good time eating a lot of food but the most ‘boring’ thing I’ve been enjoying is eating … RICE. Rice in Sweden is a sad and sorry thing. They have this thing called matris which means ‘food rice’ … which is like, what, as opposed to rice that is not edible? It is awful like little bullet-y rice capsules, awful awful awful. Eating the rice in Taiwan would bring tears to my eyes if I was a more melodramatic person.

food rice


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THE time of the year

It’s literally a moment before Christmas and I am like-



Yeah, verrry thrilled if you like to think so! 😀 Reason? It’s nearly going-home time, if I need to be honest, but it’s Christmas’s “fault”! So without Christmas I wouldn’t be so thrilled and at the end we come back to the beginning of my tittle-tattle – Christmas! 😀 So in less than 2 weeks I am going to be in Latvia chitchatting with my family, eating my favorite food in whole world and just be – Home! And this is the first time in my life when I will be able to sing along with Michael Buble and really mean the following lyrics:

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Body cakes and the worst thing a Swede can eat…

Unfortunately, today’s post will not exactly be singing and praising the greatness that is Sweden’s food. I’ve been struggling to think… what do I love about Swedish food? Do I even have a favourite dish? I really don’t know. And the worst thing a Swede can eat is revealed at the end of this post…

When I first came to Sweden and lived in Lund I bought a jar of lingonsylt (lingonberry/cowberry jam) and I ate it on toast with honey for breakfast. Then after Mr Moshi seduced me and we got together he told me that this was incorrect and that you’re meant to eat lingonsylt with Swedish meatballs and other savoury dishes. So I have since changed my ways.


We ain’t got no cow berries in Australia Source

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My Swedish taste

Hei, hei all you food lovers – I guess it’s one of the few things that can bring people together and make peace in world! 😀 And the time for this post is just right- when the rain doesn’t even bother to be compassionate and all the sane senses are telling you to stay warm- it’s time for Food! 😉 Even the word itself sometimes (mostly when my stomach is rumbling, tho :D) makes me excited and happy- how weird is that? 😀

Anyway, let’s keep on track- I am going to share with you my current favourite food products from Sweden. I will definitely return with some post about my favourite Swedish dish, so no worries- but today is about my satisfied taste discoveries…

I know everything about the truth “being what you eat” (picture below), and now I am seriously considering how I would look if I would be made from the products I eat (wow, so much I in this sentence :D). Have you been thinking about it yourself, if no, now it’s your time! 😀



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Burritos for the Weekend

Last weekend I made black bean and butternut squash burritos and they were om-nom delicious. Also, entirely vegetarian, which wasn’t really intentional because I ain’t vego, that is ChivChiv’s province. But cross my heart and hope to die, as a meat-lover I didn’t hear the boo-hoo-I’m-eating-vego sad violins cos it was YUM and very filling.

First I must clarify what a butternut squash is because it seems like Swedes don’t really know what they are (no pun intended … swedes, butternut squash, pumpkins … wtf). Mr Moshi’s mum asked what it was. The check-out chick at ICA Maxi asked what it was (why don’t you know your own produce???) PEOPLE OF SWEDEN! THIS IS A BUTTERNUT SQUASH!

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