It’s been a long time, chickies! Now hark, for I have news.



May I point your good selves to The Bad Mum, where I will be co-posting from now on with the lovely and extremely pregnant Emma. You may or may not remember her as the cat-mother of Freddy. Soon she’ll be a person-mother! Exciting stuff!

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Hello Kitty

We’re house-/cat-sitting while my friend Emma is swashbuckling around in Canada enjoying the Northern Hemisphere summertime with her Canadian husband. As you do.


I’m sorry did someone say swashbuckling? Source

This post is especially for her … so feel special, Emma! Here’s her cat, the white-footed stripey-tailed Fred 😀

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The #1 thing I’ll miss about Sweden

Happy April fools day! Did anyone get their lolz on? I’m crap at April fools so this post ain’t got no tomfoolery in it.

No, instead I mean to tell you about the number one thing I’m going to miss about Sweden. ‘Miss’ isn’t really the right word, because really I will miss the people – family and friends, of course.

cannot keep calm

Can’t I take everyone I like with me to Australia? 😦 Source

Maybe ‘worried about missing out’ is the more correct sentiment … can you guess what it is?

Here’s a clue

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Back to the land down under

Welcome to March! There are definitely signs of spring around, though the weather is still cold. I’ve been seeing crocuses peeping out of the ground as always, looking like pretty watercolour brushes before they bloom. We don’t have crocuses in Australia (or at least I’ve never seen any growing naturally) so it’s very intriguing to me.



The thing with March is that it’s bringing us closer and closer to a big change.

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Back on track

I truly hope that all of you have had an amazing holiday, because I did! 😀 And you know that truth about happiness- it’s becoming bigger when divided.. Time just passed so unfairly fast.. like, like some kind of space vehicle or long expected kiss from admired person.. And only now- a few days after returning to Sweden (after 20hr boat trip + waves + weird feeling..) from Latvia- I get blues.. you know not the heavy, depressing ones, but those dreamy, sad ones..

It’s just so overwhelming to check all my holiday photos- we look so happy, so- together.. family, long unseen friends, amazing foods- feels as an amazing party but I need to go home before it’s finished. I believe/hope you understand what I say?

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Autumn in Sweden

Hello poppets!

Last autumn was my first Swedish autumn and also when I met these girls for the first time. (Has it really only been a year?) We were in the same SFI class learning about the joys of the Swedish language. Back then I had no idea we’d become good friends because Elecox went off to Spain for a month soon after I joined the class, and ChivChiv was always sitting at another table, already chummy with a guy from England. But there you go. We’ve been really lucky to have progressed through the classes at the same pace and stayed together in the often-frustrating process of navigating the language barrier and integrating into Swedish life.

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