The Best of Gotland

Sounds like a pop-star’s album, yeah?

As the weather is becoming decidedly less friendly, it’s probably good that ChivChiv’s suggestion for this week’s topic is Gotland through my eyes. To remember the lovely things about Gotland certainly helps me (a little) to not hate on the island too much as we say goodbye to the summer and NOT YOU AGAIN to the freezing grey days.

There are a few things that are quintessential Gotland …


Blåeld – blue fire – is a flower that is le famous on Gotland. It grows especially well here because of the calcium in the soil of the island.

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It’s time for apples

In Sweden is normal to start talking about the weather when you meet someone for the first time. It is a topic which doesn´t bother anyone and sometimes serves to break the ice. For example: In winter you could say “Det är kall ute idag!” or in summer “Det är varm ute!” Imagine that it is autumn. What will you say then? Continue reading