How do you know?

Happy Friday everyone!

I read this article today over at Cup of Jo about how people knew that they had found The One. It’s so interesting!


Everybody wants to know their true love is true Source

For me, when I met Mr Moshi, we were living together in a Swedish student ‘corridor’ (which is just like, dorms, for the Americans, or student housing, for the Australians/other normal people ūüėõ ) We first became friends, then we got together, so¬†as we were together we were also living together.


Does anyone else get the reference TOGETHAHHH but not like that? Source

It was so nice to come home to each other. Usually whoever was home first would make dinner.

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How to be hairy

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111eleventy

In case anyone was intrigued by my wedding hair featured in my previous post, we did it off a hair tutorial and it was splendid and worked after a few practise runs (although it would have worked better if my hair had been longer).

Wedding hair is wedding Source: Moshi

The tutorial under the cut …

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How you can has swanky CV

This fine evening I am sharing with you my own (ever-so-slightly modified) CV or resume or whatever you want to call it. It has helped me find a job so I would say it’s a winner! So if you are in the job-hunting jungle, this one’s for you.



So my field is a more creative one (architecture), and that’s why our CVs have to stand out and show¬†that much more effort. Unless your field is a real SRS BSNS (-ahem- serious business) one like Law or Medicine or something … I would say, it doesn’t hurt to stand out in a good way.

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How to cook a whole fish

Happy Monday and for the Swedes, welcome to Sportlov! It’s like a week off school for you to go and do sports, i.e. winter sports, i.e. ski. This is a bizarro concept to me so I am not skiing.

Instead I will teach you how to cook a whole fish, if anyone read my previous post about Chinese New Year and was sitting around at home, ponderously stroking your beard, wondering how to cook a whole fish so you could eat it too.



Well for starters the idea of having to pan fry a whole fish is awful to me. I fail every time and it’s burnt on the outside and the flesh isn’t cooked on the inside, or the fish skin sticks to the pan and looks ratty tatty. It brings shame to Momma¬†Moshi who is a boss when it comes to pan frying fish to golden crispy perfection.

So for Chinese New Year I consulted Father Moshi via Skype and as per his directions put my fush in the oven… It worked a complete treat and¬†was reaaaaally good…

Moshi’s Oven-Baked Whole Fish for Chinese New Year

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5 ways to celebrate Chinese New Year

As you fine ladies and germs may or may not know, Chinese New Year is coming up. Yippee doody!

gong xi

śĀ≠ŚĖúÁôľŤ≤° means ‘congrats’ + ‘get rich’ … important Asian values!¬†Source

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th is CNY eve and the 19th is ŚąĚšłÄ i.e. the first day of the new year, the Year of the Goat.

If you lend me your ears, I shall hereby explain how one celebrates Chinese New Year because I just realised it is not, in fact, common sense to everyone -revelation of the century-

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Burritos for the Weekend

Last weekend I made black bean and butternut squash burritos and they were om-nom delicious. Also, entirely vegetarian, which wasn’t really intentional because I ain’t vego, that is ChivChiv’s province. But cross my heart and hope to die, as a meat-lover I didn’t hear¬†the boo-hoo-I’m-eating-vego¬†sad violins¬†cos it was YUM and very filling.

First I must clarify what a butternut squash is because it seems like Swedes don’t really know what they are (no pun intended … swedes, butternut squash, pumpkins … wtf). Mr Moshi’s mum asked what it was. The check-out chick at ICA Maxi asked what it was (why don’t you know your own produce???) PEOPLE OF SWEDEN! THIS IS A BUTTERNUT SQUASH!

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