When I saw the future

Surely I can’t be the only one disturbed by the way technology is going?

I’m so disturbed that last November for Swedish class, I did a presentation about social media/technology in the future. It’s why I don’t want a smartphone and why I’m so technology resistant. Can I devolve into a monkeh?


As always, the original text in Swedish is at the end. And as always: SVA students, don’t plagiarise!

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How to be calm

Welcome to May! Aren’t the months flying by????? That’s an old person thing to say, isn’t it.



Yesterday was May 4th so it was MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU day. I hope you enjoyed it.

Today was my second day at my new work and my brain has information overload, so for those who’ve been following, I give you Part 5 of the Exclusive Phrases: Swedish VS English

(Previously in the series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4)

This is a weird phrase which is used when a Swede tells someone to stay calm. Ha is i magen 

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Sweet-talkin’ sugar-coated

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone’s had a happy Easter. In response to ChivChiv’s previous post on Easter candy I bring you this ~

Good things come for boys who wait!

Amidst all this packing hullabaloo (we’re moving to Australia NEXT WEEK) I bring you a quick post which is Part 4 of the Exclusive Phrases: Swedish VS English

Upp som en sol, ner som en pannkaka means …

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Working hard or hardly working?

Happy rainy Monday, to those of ya also in grey and drizzly Sweden. I had a Skype job interview today just as Mr Moshi is having his last day at his work before we bugger off to Australia. A happy coincident?? I think not~



For those of you playing at home, Part 3 of the Exclusive Phrases: Swedish VS English is under the cut. It’s the Swedish saying Mycket prat och lite verkstad

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Only in Swedish

Last year I made a presentation for our Swedish class in which we had to talk about the most striking differences between our mother tongue and Swedish. I chose to compare Swedish with English even though technically my mother tongue is Chinese Mandarin, so whatever.

In the presentation I listed a bunch of phrases that only the Swedes say, as well as some that are in English and can’t be used in Swedish. I thought they were really interesting so today I bring you Part 1 in my series of Exclusive Phrases: Swedish VS English.

Part 1 is the Swedish saying Ingen fara på taket …

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A guide to the land down under

Happy Wednesday! In the spirit of the previous post, I would like to share with you the first powerpoint presentation ever I did for Swedish class, which was about the countries we came from. So I introduced Australia to my fellow students and, for your infotainment, will do the same for you here.


If any of my facts are wrong then I’m sorry … It was not very thoroughly researched since it was only for Swedish class 😛

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