Wedding hairspray and beyond

Does anyone else love the movie Hairspray? I love it. I’ve listened to the soundtrack a million times (I bought the CD back in the stone age when most people still went out and bought music from a human in what is known as a ‘shop’).



John Travolta as a clucky momma? ūüėČ

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Fat Fear

So Pitch Perfect 2 was GREAT and funny and YAY MUSIC and moar epic than the last. A++ would watch again! Awesome music! Muse!!! Mika! Does that count as spoilers? Sorry.



But that said, something in particular from the movie has stayed with me and is bugging me …

Spoilers under the cut!

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Get up and go

Duckieees! It’s nearly GO TIME¬†here for us – we’re soon off to Taiwan to see ye olde Moshi family, huzzah! It’s going to be a long-ass trip so I bought 4 e-books for my kindle. Yes Please, Words That Matter, Someone Like You and Henry Sugar (I love Roald Dahl short stories). I am so ready. I am going to Eat All The Things in Taiwan.

The past couple nights we’ve watched the extended edition of the first Lord of the Rings (Fellowship of the Ring) and now I’m all hankering to see the rest – The Two Towers and Return of the King. I was a humongous fangirl for LotR back in my teenage days. SUCH GOOD TIMES. Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean (“seen been” haha). And watching it made me get this in my head

They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard! ga ga ga ga gard

An update on the painting for my aunty, for those of you playing at home… The painting is FINISHED, below are the final in-progress photos. I will post¬†pictures of the finished painting¬†when we get to Taiwan. I hope it can be framed and everything in time, if so I can post a picture of it framed and hanging properly on the wall and everything. Woot!

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