Alas Australia

I know that Eurovision is now ~so last week but I have to simultaneously gush about how proud of Guy Sebastian I am for coming 5th and also shake my fist about how DEVASTATED I am that we didn’t win and therefore get to host next year’s. And don’t get me started on Sweden for winning. WHATEVER.


Noooooooooooooooo Source

Here is Guy Sebastian’s performance for those of you who missed it. I really think the whole thing was just not EUROVISION enough. I mean the glitz and glamour and over-the-top-ness of it all. THAT’S WHY YOU DIDN’T WIN, GUY. WHY YOU NOT HAS GLITTER PANTS OR DISCO BALL OR SOMETHING.

In other news, we’ve been super busy lately because …

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Eurovision 2015!

Happy Friday! It’s Eurovision weekend!!! Who’s excited?

We’re especially excited because this year is the 60 year anniversary of Eurovision and for a lark they’ve allowed Australia to compete!



Go Guy Sebastian! You can do it!


Do us proud!!! Source

I’m so excited. WHAT IF WE WIN?

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They’ll tell you I’m insane

Back in the dim dark past when I had a LiveJournal account I always felt the need to post something in the night. Is it just me? Emotions feel so much more intense at night, and dissolve in the light of day. So many times would I wonder why I had to bare my soul like that the previous night.

That said, there’s not going to be any intense soul-baring tonight that I can foresee at the moment. No, what I wanted to write about was actually my kind-of-surprising obsession with … Taylor Swift.



She’s a bit special because most of the artists I really adore have all been male.

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Rogue country = Skurklandet

Almost 3 years ago (April 2012) I was in New York on a study trip during my exchange student days in Lund, studying architecture. One of the Swedish guys in my class who went with us is Jimmy Bussenius who is a singer in the band Skurklandet.

I always thought Jimmy was weird, so it makes sense that he’s a musician as well as an architect. We were in a supermarket in New York buying some food for the first time and he was taking forever running around looking at the breads, reading their ingredients and exclaiming that they all contain corn syrup, and I was like can we PLEASE LEAVE.

I should mention that they sing in Swedish and this one is their latest called En livbåt flyter ut – A lifeboat floats out.

And the best things about New York for me are at the end of the post ..!

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Svedish tee vee

Happy Friday! Today we’re talking TV ~in Sweden. I’m going to talk about some of the cool things I’ve seen on one show particularly, which is Skavlan. It’s a Norwegian-Swedish talk show (the host is Norwegian) and they get lots of interesting guests in to talk about all sorts of things.

It rather makes me miss Rove [live] from back in the days when I was a teenager in Australia. Rove was great – it was also a talk show though with lots of great lulzy segments like WHAT THE..? (which was when they showed weird “what the?” worthy items sent in from viewers), and they interviewed awesome people like ELMO!!!!!!! hehe Elmo is so cute!

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Old school love

Today in Swedish class we did a test-run National Prov writing test (National Prov are tests at the end of each level to see if you can advance to the next class). We were given this article to read and then to write 300-600 words on our own ‘passion’/interest, and to also describe how an interest can affect a person’s life.

It was a big pain in the arse because the article is all about the author’s passion for football (soccer) and I was just like -yawn- Also it was difficult for me to come up with some interest I am PASSIONATE about. What follows is what I wrote, translated to English, with the un-corrected original Swedish version at the end, as always 😛

matt's cer-ay-zeh!

Thankfully I remembered in time my passion for music

(To see the greatness of MUSE’s Knights of Cydonia, here you go)

My passion for…

I have passion for music. But I am very quite selective: I don’t love just any song. Music is an extremely powerful force in a way because it goes directly into your head through the ears. It ain’t easy to block out sound, as humans (what I mean is as opposed to seals that have ear flaps). A song can stay stuck in my head even if I absolutely do. not. like. the song. Music affects you without first begging pardon or asking “may I?” That’s why a crap song can make you irritated, and why a good song can fill you with energy and emotions.

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