Rogue country = Skurklandet

Almost 3 years ago (April 2012) I was in New York on a study trip during my exchange student days in Lund, studying architecture. One of the Swedish guys in my class who went with us is Jimmy Bussenius who is a singer in the band Skurklandet.

I always thought Jimmy was weird, so it makes sense that he’s a musician as well as an architect. We were in a supermarket in New York buying some food for the first time and he was taking forever running around looking at the breads, reading their ingredients and exclaiming that they all contain corn syrup, and I was like can we PLEASE LEAVE.

I should mention that they sing in Swedish and this one is their latest called En livbåt flyter ut – A lifeboat floats out.

And the best things about New York for me are at the end of the post ..!

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