Party for Everybody!

Did anyone else love the little old Russian ladies from the 2012 Eurovision?

When I think about partying in Sweden I invariably think of my days in Lund as an exchange student. There were parties all the time and a special system called ‘Nations’ which you had to pay to join if you wanted to go to those parties. Pretty weird, but it’s their way of keeping things under control and automatically knowing you were old enough to be there if you showed your Nation Card.


But I can’t go on writing about parties without the help of Party Cat Source

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It’s time for party

Hei, Ho all party lovers and haters – this topic was my choice this week (oops, I am not sure if we have been telling you guys- that every single week we are letting out a new topic, anyway- now you know for certain- aaaand if you have some cool topic ideas/wishes in your mind let us know, we may chitchat about that!? 😉 ).

Yeah, where I was.. partying in Sweden- and you know how ironic life and situations can be- right now I am sitting in my sofas warm lap and can’t get words out! I guess this topic requires ‘’Party state of mind’’- but right now all I have is ‘’Morning’s sleepiness’’.

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