Little Fred

It’s the weekend! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!



Our cat- and housesitting has almost come to an end, so here are some piccies of Fred before we return to our regular lives as sad cat-less people.

Little foots

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Hello Kitty

We’re house-/cat-sitting while my friend Emma is swashbuckling around in Canada enjoying the Northern Hemisphere summertime with her Canadian husband. As you do.


I’m sorry did someone say swashbuckling? Source

This post is especially for her … so feel special, Emma! Here’s her cat, the white-footed stripey-tailed Fred 😀

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Australian birds and Swedish cats

Hello chum! I gots to be honest and say I haven’t had a pet in some years. In Australia, we always had birds as family pets (specifically, parrots such as budgerigars and cockatiels). Sadly, the last birdy we had, my little baby Yuki, died just over 3 years ago. He was a funny little poppet, very excitable and curious, and he learned to whistle a little ditty we taught him as well as say “Yuki goo bo-boy” (we said “Yuki good boy” to him and that was his version).


Yes he was a good little poppet with rosy cheeks Source: Moshi

His favourite things were cooked corn and sunflower seeds. You’re not actually meant to give them too many sunflower seeds apparently, because it’s like the cockatiel equivalent of ice cream to kids (very fat and a sometimes food!!) I used to feed him one corn kernel or sunflower seed at a time and he would eat it, holding it with his foot and it basically does look like a kid holding an ice cream cone.

eating popcorn

Eating with foots … Never did try feeding popcorn to my birds … funny! Source

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Swedish pet

The creation of this topic makes me seriously afraid that you guys are going to think ‘’and that’s how crazy cat lady came into the world’’! 😀



Not quite about cats today, but wait- why not for introduction’s sake! 😀 Every self respecting (I am exaggerating a bit, like always :D) Swedish household owns at least one cat member- don’t ask for answers, there is none, it’s just like an unwritten rule.. 😀

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