When I saw the future

Surely I can’t be the only one disturbed by the way technology is going?

I’m so disturbed that last November for Swedish class, I did a presentation about social media/technology in the future. It’s why I don’t want a smartphone and why I’m so technology resistant. Can I devolve into a monkeh?


As always, the original text in Swedish is at the end. And as always: SVA students, don’t plagiarise!

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How do you know?

Happy Friday everyone!

I read this article today over at Cup of Jo about how people knew that they had found The One. It’s so interesting!


Everybody wants to know their true love is true Source

For me, when I met Mr Moshi, we were living together in a Swedish student ‘corridor’ (which is just like, dorms, for the Americans, or student housing, for the Australians/other normal people ūüėõ ) We first became friends, then we got together, so¬†as we were together we were also living together.


Does anyone else get the reference TOGETHAHHH but not like that? Source

It was so nice to come home to each other. Usually whoever was home first would make dinner.

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They’ll tell you I’m insane

Back in the dim dark past when I had a LiveJournal account I always felt the need to post something in the night. Is it just me? Emotions feel so much more intense at night, and dissolve in the light of day. So many times would I wonder why I had to bare my soul like that the previous night.

That said, there’s not going to be any intense soul-baring tonight that I can foresee at the moment. No, what I wanted to write about was actually my kind-of-surprising obsession with … Taylor Swift.



She’s a bit special because most of the artists I really adore have all been male.

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Marriage and other old-fashioned things

I just read this article on xojane in which the article’s author, Kristin,¬†did The Rules for three months to see how it would affect her dating life. In a nutshell, she was not into it.

As a pro-Rules girl, I read all her reasons for why The Rules are old-fashioned and made her feel less self-respect for herself (instead of more, as The Rules promise), and I believe¬†her negative take on it comes¬†from the¬†common misconceptions that most anti-Rules girls get from the 90s dating book. Or put more bluntly, I feel like she read it wrong and was therefore Doin’ It Wrong (sorry).



I fully acknowledge and agree with the intrinsically dodgy things that The Rules promotes that Kristin mentioned in her article, like ‘if you have a bad nose, simply get a nose job’ and the damage that referring to women as a ‘product’ does to us. That is a humongous can of worms in itself and can be saved for another post another day.

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Back to the land down under

Welcome to March! There are definitely signs of spring around, though the weather is still cold. I’ve been seeing crocuses peeping out of the ground as always, looking like pretty watercolour brushes before they bloom. We don’t have crocuses in Australia (or at least I’ve never seen any growing naturally) so it’s very intriguing to me.



The thing with March is that it’s bringing us closer and closer to a big change.

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V day or spew day??

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! You either love it or hate it … When I was single I hated it every year … I wrote ‘spew day’ in my pocket diary, god knows why I had to remind myself, I was a very bitter single lady. Tut.

lonlier hahaha v day


Single peoples, I feel you deeply, I know your pain. If you have pain, that is. I mean I was never good at being YAY SINGLE AND FREE but I have heard of¬†magical people like that. If that’s you, good on ya and you just keep on truckin’

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