5 ways to celebrate Chinese New Year

As you fine ladies and germs may or may not know, Chinese New Year is coming up. Yippee doody!

gong xi

恭喜發財 means ‘congrats’ + ‘get rich’ … important Asian values! Source

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th is CNY eve and the 19th is 初一 i.e. the first day of the new year, the Year of the Goat.

If you lend me your ears, I shall hereby explain how one celebrates Chinese New Year because I just realised it is not, in fact, common sense to everyone -revelation of the century-

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First week: over and out!

Big thanks to ChivChiv and Elecox for sharing a little about their experiences with autumn in Sweden! We hope you enjoyed this week’s topic. If you didn’t, I guess that’s my bad because the topic was my idea… Check back next week for a brand new topic that’s near and dear to our hearts! And we’d love to hear your suggestions for any topics YOU would like us to write about!

I leave you with my discoveries of the week …

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Autumn feeling

So, this day has come- I have been kicked out of my comfort zone (expressing myself in my mother tongue- don’t judge too hard:D), no worries nothing is happening against my will! 🙂

Actually I am very much looking forward- to share with you guys- all around the place – our adventures (he, he) here in Sweden.

Thanks dear Moshi- that you already made this small introduction about our connection and the fact that we are 3 foreigners in Sweden who try to get the best out of it! 😀

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Autumn in Sweden

Hello poppets!

Last autumn was my first Swedish autumn and also when I met these girls for the first time. (Has it really only been a year?) We were in the same SFI class learning about the joys of the Swedish language. Back then I had no idea we’d become good friends because Elecox went off to Spain for a month soon after I joined the class, and ChivChiv was always sitting at another table, already chummy with a guy from England. But there you go. We’ve been really lucky to have progressed through the classes at the same pace and stayed together in the often-frustrating process of navigating the language barrier and integrating into Swedish life.

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