Speaking Swedish Chef + My Top 3 Language Tips!

Hi kids!

When I told my friends that I was going to Sweden for the first time as an exchange student, two friends made reference to Swedish Chef.

DO YOU SPEAK SWEDISH CHEF? my friends exclaimed at me.

I hadn’t a clue what they were on about because I never watched the muppets growing up. You must remember I was an Asian child who watched excellent stuff like 十萬個為什麼, 小叮噹 and トトロ as kid instead of Gumby, Sesame Street or the fugly Teletubbies.

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Let’s talk



Smack (‘’puss’’-kiss in Swedish) in this sunny and wonderful September! Today’s THE day- mhm, the right day to talk about getting into Swedish, like Winnie Pooh got into Rabbits cave and after the big honey party, couldn’t get out! 😉

Just need to remind you guys that I am not anthropologist or interpreter of any kind, so I will tell you about my personal experiences, discoveries and some tricks in a matter of getting in the language as quickly as possible- sounds like some advertisement about ‘’Quick and effective diet’’, doesn’t it? 😀

No, not today- let’s get to the point.

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