How to cook a whole fish

Happy Monday and for the Swedes, welcome to Sportlov! It’s like a week off school for you to go and do sports, i.e. winter sports, i.e. ski. This is a bizarro concept to me so I am not skiing.

Instead I will teach you how to cook a whole fish, if anyone read my previous post about Chinese New Year and was sitting around at home, ponderously stroking your beard, wondering how to cook a whole fish so you could eat it too.



Well for starters the idea of having to pan fry a whole fish is awful to me. I fail every time and it’s burnt on the outside and the flesh isn’t cooked on the inside, or the fish skin sticks to the pan and looks ratty tatty. It brings shame to Momma Moshi who is a boss when it comes to pan frying fish to golden crispy perfection.

So for Chinese New Year I consulted Father Moshi via Skype and as per his directions put my fush in the oven… It worked a complete treat and was reaaaaally good…

Moshi’s Oven-Baked Whole Fish for Chinese New Year

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5 ways to celebrate Chinese New Year

As you fine ladies and germs may or may not know, Chinese New Year is coming up. Yippee doody!

gong xi

恭喜發財 means ‘congrats’ + ‘get rich’ … important Asian values! Source

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th is CNY eve and the 19th is 初一 i.e. the first day of the new year, the Year of the Goat.

If you lend me your ears, I shall hereby explain how one celebrates Chinese New Year because I just realised it is not, in fact, common sense to everyone -revelation of the century-

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A look back at … poncing around Taiwan

Well munchkins, it’s the last day of January if you can believe it. I can’t believe it … like 1/12th of 2015 is over. That’s crazy like Jay-Z.

Mindless disbelief aside, I figure I better share a few pictures from the Taiwan trip while it is in fact, still January. Below the cut are a few pix of 太魯閣 and 日月潭 (which are Taroko and Sun Moon Lake, for the non-Chinese reading amongst you fine people).


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Greetings from Taiwan!

What’s happening peeps?? ChivChiv I miss you! I just read your last post and it’s so sweet! Your brother sounds like a sweetie. My brother would never get a headache over me from love – only from me annoying him so much 😛

I’m writing from Taiwan at the mo and it’s been such a rollercoaster ride and not to mention a long ass car ride (we’re at Sun Moon Lake tonight) so I haven’t got a clue where to start. I’m having such a good time seeing my family and relatives who I haven’t seen for ages. Some I last saw 6 months ago, some nearly 2 years ago, some more than 5 years ago!! So nice.

Been having a jolly good time eating a lot of food but the most ‘boring’ thing I’ve been enjoying is eating … RICE. Rice in Sweden is a sad and sorry thing. They have this thing called matris which means ‘food rice’ … which is like, what, as opposed to rice that is not edible? It is awful like little bullet-y rice capsules, awful awful awful. Eating the rice in Taiwan would bring tears to my eyes if I was a more melodramatic person.

food rice


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