Comfortably naked

Last weekend we were in Stockholm and to celebrate Mr Moshi & I being together for 3 years, for one of the nights we stayed at Yasuragi, a Japanese spa.

Japanese spa - pool


It was very nice but I have to say, I was imagining the blissful serenity of the image above … but in reality it was quite¬†crowded and noisy, which I thought was weird since we stayed Sunday night to Monday and I was like … Has everyone called in sick to work for Monday??? ūüėõ

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Rogue country = Skurklandet

Almost 3 years ago (April 2012) I was in New York on a study trip during my exchange student days in Lund, studying architecture. One of the Swedish guys in my class who went with us is Jimmy Bussenius who is a singer in the band Skurklandet.

I always thought Jimmy was weird, so it makes sense that he’s a musician as well as an architect. We were in a supermarket in New York buying some food for the first time and he was taking forever running around looking at the breads, reading their ingredients and exclaiming that they all contain corn syrup, and I was like¬†can we PLEASE LEAVE.

I should mention that they sing in Swedish and this one is their latest called En livbåt flyter ut РA lifeboat floats out.

And the best things about New York for me are at the end of the post ..!

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A look back at … poncing around Taiwan

Well munchkins, it’s the last day of January if you can believe it. I can’t believe it … like 1/12th of 2015 is over. That’s crazy like Jay-Z.

Mindless disbelief aside, I figure I better share a few pictures from the Taiwan trip while it is in fact, still January. Below the cut are a few pix of Ś§™ť≠ĮťĖ£ and śó•śúąśĹ≠¬†(which are Taroko¬†and Sun Moon Lake, for the non-Chinese reading amongst you fine people).


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Greetings from Taiwan!

What’s happening peeps?? ChivChiv I miss you! I just read your last post and it’s so sweet! Your brother sounds like a sweetie. My brother would never get a headache over me from love – only from me annoying him so much ūüėõ

I’m writing from Taiwan at the mo and it’s been such a rollercoaster ride and not to mention a long ass car ride (we’re at Sun Moon Lake tonight) so I haven’t got a clue where to start. I’m having such a good time seeing my family and relatives who I haven’t seen for ages. Some I last saw 6 months ago, some nearly 2 years ago, some more than 5 years ago!! So nice.

Been having a jolly good time eating a lot of food but the most ‘boring’ thing I’ve been enjoying is eating … RICE. Rice in Sweden is a sad and sorry thing. They have this thing called matris which means ‘food rice’ … which is like, what, as opposed to rice that is not edible? It is awful like little bullet-y rice capsules, awful awful awful. Eating the rice in Taiwan would bring tears to my eyes if I was a more melodramatic person.

food rice


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Get up and go

Duckieees! It’s nearly GO TIME¬†here for us – we’re soon off to Taiwan to see ye olde Moshi family, huzzah! It’s going to be a long-ass trip so I bought 4 e-books for my kindle. Yes Please, Words That Matter, Someone Like You and Henry Sugar (I love Roald Dahl short stories). I am so ready. I am going to Eat All The Things in Taiwan.

The past couple nights we’ve watched the extended edition of the first Lord of the Rings (Fellowship of the Ring) and now I’m all hankering to see the rest – The Two Towers and Return of the King. I was a humongous fangirl for LotR back in my teenage days. SUCH GOOD TIMES. Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean (“seen been” haha). And watching it made me get this in my head

They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard! ga ga ga ga gard

An update on the painting for my aunty, for those of you playing at home… The painting is FINISHED, below are the final in-progress photos. I will post¬†pictures of the finished painting¬†when we get to Taiwan. I hope it can be framed and everything in time, if so I can post a picture of it framed and hanging properly on the wall and everything. Woot!

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