Potty mouth galore

Lately I’ve been watching Trinny and Susannah: Mission Norway – pretty much on a daily basis this week during Sportlov. It’s awesome. They’re two ladies who go around helping women who are dressed really blah and they talk about the stuff they’re going through in life that’s put fashion and looking good/feeling good on hold. They’ve met a whole host of women who have been through really challenging times (double mastectomies due to breast cancer, second pregnancy after first pregnancy ended in a stillbirth, divorce, childhood/teenage bullying, being a busy mum…) the list goes on.

Anyway watching TV in Sweden irks me more and more because of the complete lack of censorship. Trinny and Susannah is a show in English obviously, but it’s playing in the middle of the day, and they swear rather a lot (“what the fuck is that you’re wearing?” “I fucking hate it”) and it’s just playing loud and clear. I don’t know about you but if I was a Swedish mum I wouldn’t want my kid swearing in any god damned language thank you.

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Ahh, time is just flying- I guess I am not the only one!? You feel my pain?! ūüėÄ So much needs to be done before Christmas- with every upcoming year I start to feel sorry for Mr Santa more and more!!! ūüėÄ

In spite of lack of time ‚Äďdark winter evenings are not vanished, so my reliable entertainer- TV is a frequent guest in my home.



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Svedish tee vee

Happy Friday! Today we’re talking TV ~in Sweden. I’m going to talk about some of the cool things I’ve seen on one show particularly, which is Skavlan. It’s a Norwegian-Swedish talk show (the host is Norwegian) and they get lots of interesting guests in to talk about all sorts of things.

It¬†rather makes me miss¬†Rove [live] from back in the days when I was a teenager in Australia. Rove was great – it was also a talk show though with lots of great lulzy segments like WHAT THE..? (which was when they showed¬†weird “what the?” worthy items sent in from viewers), and they interviewed awesome people like ELMO!!!!!!! hehe Elmo is so cute!

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