Up in Uppsala

This past weekend I visited Uppsala for the first time! I never knew that it’s only an hour out of Stockholm, I always imagined it as heaps further north. Mr Moshi and I went to see Swan Lake at the Uppsala Konsert & Kongress on Friday night. It was lovely but I have to admit it made me want to dance very much, as in to go back to Vanessa’s classes again – I didn’t want to sit still in my seat, I wanted to learn damn it! And twirl and prance …

swan lake

and be generally fabulous Source

It was as ChivChiv said and rather varied in how people dressed for attending the theatre/ballet. As it was my first ever ballet I asked for ChivChiv’s wisdom … that is, fashion advice 😛 It was fun to get a bit dressed up! But honestly, honestly, we also could have not bothered because there were plenty of Swedes who were not especially fancy (*cough*understatement). Plus in the November freezing-coldness it is a pretty big effort to get dressed up. Everyone trying to leave en masse at the end was incredibly inelegant what with the swarming around to try to pick up our heavy coats from the cloak room etc.

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