It’s been a long time, chickies! Now hark, for I have news.



May I point your good selves to The Bad Mum, where I will be co-posting from now on with the lovely and extremely pregnant Emma. You may or may not remember her as the cat-mother of Freddy. Soon she’ll be a person-mother! Exciting stuff!

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V day or spew day??

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! You either love it or hate it … When I was single I hated it every year … I wrote ‘spew day’ in my pocket diary, god knows why I had to remind myself, I was a very bitter single lady. Tut.

lonlier hahaha v day


Single peoples, I feel you deeply, I know your pain. If you have pain, that is. I mean I was never good at being YAY SINGLE AND FREE but I have heard of magical people like that. If that’s you, good on ya and you just keep on truckin’

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Entertained by internet

Weekend is here- did I blink at least once? Time is everyday’s food- is there any relation with getting older?! 😀

Hei, in this weekend- I really want to have it as easy and warm as possible, so I felt that my post need to match my mood! 😀 He, he – easiest way how to buy out myself of laziness chains! 😀



And today it’s all about internet- I am going to introduce You with my favorite/most visited Swedish (girly-today) web-sites.

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