When in Sweden…

…do as the Swedish do! Hello duckies! More wedding stuff! Don’t complain, it’s good for ya.

just married

Under the cut are stuff from my wedding with a bonus fun fact about Swedish weddings. As always, images are either mine or if uncredited, probably saved from Southern Weddings.

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Wedding Fever One Year On

To celebrate the fact that it’s coming up to our 1 year wedding anniversary (well done Mr Moshi, they say the 1st year’s the hardest ..?) I shall be putting up wedding-related piccies this month. Any excuse to look at wedding-related pretties ūüėÄ

lil birds

Most of the piccies are probably from Southern Weddings, saved as wedding inspiration since I am of the Stone Age and did not have a pinterest (even though I could have). Photos from my actualfact wedding are from my brother Dr Yam.

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Wedding season’s greetings (in the Northern Hemisphere)

Since we’re missing the joyous summertime of the Northern Hemisphere and also therefore missing wedding season I thought I’d put up a bunch of my wedding inspiration images I collected from the past couple years for our wedding last year. I’m pretty sure they’re mostly found from Southern Weddings, which I still love even after getting married ūüėõ

table number

Table number inspiration. I did our like this (except with swans) but I was¬†cheap stupid and did not print on heavy enough paper, so the paper got tired and did not stand up properly to my bridezilla horror. So Pro Tip: print on at least 200gsm paper if you’re doin’ it urself.

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